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    Document Management

    At Logity Dispatch, we have always been dedicated to taking good care of our clients in the trucking industry. After all, it is the backbone of the American economy. That’s why we offer an extensive range of solutions for truckers and trucking companies, including dispatch services dedicated to providing you invaluable support – especially with things the industry requires but that take you away from core business activities. For many clients, our trucking document management can be a lifesaver.


    Management of Trucking Documents

    When the general public thinks of what truckers do, they often omit all the administrative duties from the picture. As the world moves into digitalization, there are other considerations, too, such as data and information security. Making sure you have all your mandatory documentation and that it is properly completed, filed, and kept takes up a good chunk of time and effort. This can be stressful in and of itself, but it can also add undue stress to operating your trucking enterprise. That’s where Logity Dispatch comes in.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    There is so much more to trucking than driving. Sadly, we know that in reality, there are stringent requirements for paperwork, compliance with SAFETY/DOT and other regulations, and insurance – not to mention finding, negotiating, and booking loads. That’s why we cover everything – broker/carrier packages and set-up paperwork, W-9, proof of insurance and insurance certificates, rate confirmations, invoicing, waybills, bills of lading, and customs/transportation documents. We also handle requirements set out in customer agreements – directions to shipper or consignee and appointment scheduling.

    Expertise and Excellence

    At Logity Dispatch, we pride ourselves on our commitment to client care. Part of this is knowing the ins and outs of the trucking industry, which includes industry standards and regulatory requirements. We understand what is required, as well as why it’s required and who needs to see it. When we prepare, file, and manage trucking documentation, we are diligent, accurate, and ensure that everything that needs to be in the paperwork is there. We take your success very seriously – because your success is our success, too.


    Our Approach to Document Management

    Logity Dispatch provides best-in-class management of trucking documentation by itself or as part of a more comprehensive dispatch service package. That’s because we know that different trucking businesses need different levels of support. Part of our no-nonsense approach to service is working with our clients to provide exactly what they need. We know you know your business better, and we aren’t here to sell you anything you don’t want.

    But More Than Just Document Management

    Of course, many of our clients value our full array of services because putting everything they don’t want to deal with into our capable hands frees them up to focus on what they do best. Through our dispatch service, we search for loads, negotiate rates – the highest price we can get for our clients so they make more money – and coordinate the details. We do the billing, management trucking paperwork and make sure everything that needs to be done for the customer contracts is done, properly and on time. We are also happy to assist clients by doing their bookkeeping and accounting, setting up and maintaining their IFTA reports, working with online transportation management services, and more.

    Why Logity?

    With our years of industry expertise and our dedicated, devoted, professional personnel, Logity exists for one reason: to provide truckers and trucking businesses a reason to trust dispatch partners again. For us, good service, honesty, and transparency are paramount. Clients love our ability to search numerous platforms, take the time to find the best loads for their size, structure, and objectives – and benefit from our acumen in negotiations. Many are surprised at what a cost-effective and profitable option we are, compared to hiring a full-time in-house dispatcher – saving time and money on things like office rental and recruiting. We refuse to waste your time by embellishing reality – about costs, expectations, or anything else. We promise what we deliver, and deliver what we promise.
    Want to spend more time growing your trucking business and less time on administrative tasks? Call Logity Dispatch today.

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