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What is Automated Invoicing and How Does It Work


Automate creation, sending, & tracking invoices to save time & reduce errors. Learn how it works here.

Trends in Truck Dispatching - Logity Dispatch

Technology Trends in Truck Dispatching in 2024


Discover how AI, automation, and data are transforming the industry for efficiency, safety, and sustainability in 2024.


A Comprehensive Guide to DOT Compliance

Kate Feyrer

Master DOT compliance for safe and legal commercial trucking. Avoid fines, streamline operations, and ensure road safety.


Recourse vs. Non-Recourse Freight Factoring

Kate Feyrer

Discover the differences between recourse and non-recourse freight factoring, and learn how each affects your business's financial stability and risk management.

Last mile delivery | Logity Dispatch

A Deep Dive into Last-Mile Trucking

Kate Feyrer

Explore the intricacies of last-mile trucking, from delivery challenges to innovative solutions, and understand its crucial role in the supply chain.

Out for delivery | Lax Freight

What Does "Out for Delivery" Mean & How Long It Takes?

Chad Green

Learn what "Out for Delivery" means and how long it typically takes for your package to arrive after receiving this status.