truck driving skills

Is Truck Driving Considered a Skilled Trade

3 Jan 2022

If your only work experience is as a truck driver, skilled worker jobs aren’t an option for you. SSA doesn’t consider you to have any transferable skills. Once you’re 50 years old, you might fit into a grid rule that says you are disabled

skills for truck driver

Truck Driver Skills

24 Dec 2021

If you want to be a truck driver, you just need to know how to drive a truck, right? Wrong. There are actually a number of skills needed to be a professional truck driver.

unload truck without loading dock

How to Unload a Truck Without a Loading Dock

20 Dec 2021

Destuffing or stripping a shipping container or semi-truck trailer can be tricky without access to a loading dock. There are several options to choose from when you need to know how to unload a truck

loading and unloading dock safety tips

Loading Dock Safety Tips

15 Dec 2021

Seeing as the loading dock is the hub for products moving in and out of a facility, it's no wonder the area can be dangerous. Here are a few loading dock safety tips.

best truck tire for snow and ice

The Best Snow and Ice Tires for Trucks

06 Dec 2021

Driving through a winter wonderland can be a beautiful — but dangerous — experience. That’s especially true if your truck hasn’t been outfitted with proper winter components

emergency brake assist

Emergency Brake Assist – A System That Saves Lives

29 Nov 2021

A braking assist is a device that slows or stops a vehicle without human intervention. This happens when the braking assist detects obstacles on the truck's path, such as animals, vehicles, and pedestrians.