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Top 7 Apps for Best Drivers

Technologies revolutionized our society and many professions. Transport, logistics haven’t been ignored too. Do you know that your phone can save your money and time, fellow driver?

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  • Maps
  • Fuelbook
  • Google voice assistant
  • DriveMode
  • Audio Apps
  • Waze
  • Weather Forecast

A truck driver is a hard and exhausting job at some moments. Thousands of various apps appeared to help to make trucking easier and better. To start using them, you need only your smartphone and nothing more. So here’s a top of 7 apps for best drivers.

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The first app or rather, a group of apps is a map. Electronic versions of paper maps are more practical and useful. With their help, you can find the fastest route, see the distance, understand how long will you travel and so on. Probably, the most famous is Google Maps. Even though they are popular worldwide, there are a few disadvantages like you can drive bad condition paths or you won’t be able to use some functions connected with traffic offline.

Links for download:

for Android (5+ billion downloads)

for iOS


This one may save money on the fuel. You’ll find the list of the lowest diesel prices across Canada and the United States. The data is refreshed several times a day so you will have up-to-date information. Also, there is a search for open parking places.

Links for download:

for Android (100 000 downloads)

for iOS

Google voice assistant

While driving you have to watch the road so attention distraction can sometimes be difficult and even dangerous. But with different voice helpers, you can use your smartphone without paying a lot of attention to it. Here is an example.

Links for download:

for Android (50 mln downloads)

for iOS


A tool that helps you to manage your phone while driving. With it, you wouldn’t be distracted a lot by unnecessary actions.

Links for download:

for iOS (2.5 mln downloads)

Audio Apps

As driving can be boring and monotonous, there is must be something entertaining. Music streaming services or podcast apps are good variants to solve the problems. Various genres, styles, playlists, topics, and programs guarantee every person to spend time and get cheered.

Some of them are:

Youtube Music for Android     

Deezer for Android                   

Castbox for Android Castbox for iOS

Pocket Casts for Andriod                 Pocket Casts for iOS


The list of useful apps can’t ignore this one. The powerful instrument, especially in cities, provide a user with real-time traffic data. You will be supplied with the best routes, alternative roads if you are in a long jam, nearest gas station, etc. But, as expected, you need an Internet connection. Moreover, sometimes it takes a lot of energy so make sure that your phone is plugged in.

Links for download:

for Android

for iOS

Weather Forecast

Stay updated with current and future weather conditions to plan the route correctly and avoid delays and troubles. As an example, there is a free app (10 million installs) with the same name. Here you will find a full report about the weather for all countries and cities, special maps and radars for different parameters.

Link for download:

for Android

There are a lot of apps for a smartphone that can be really useful. We hope our list of top apps for best drivers will help you feel yourself as much comfortable as possible during your trips. Be safe!

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Bill Duckstein

Bill was born in the small town of Shoshone, Idaho.
Since childhood, he knew what a truck was since his father was a truck driver.
He is fond of electronics and knows everything about the latest technologies for trucks.
Bill shares his thoughts on the company blog logitydispatch.com.

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