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Best States for Truck Drivers to Live in 2024

Chad Green

There are many reasons for a trucker to change their place of residence. Traveling around, you observe various sceneries, climates, and living conditions. Sometimes a place sparks such a strong interest in you that you decide to move there. You may be attracted by the local way of living, nature, or safety level. Also, you may feel that the place is favorable for earning a living, developing professionally, and raising a family. Usually, a combination of these factors has the final say. We have gathered the most recent information on the best states for truck drivers in 2024. If you want to give your life a fresh start, read on to learn about the best solutions.

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  • 10 Best States for Truck Drivers to Live
Best States for Truck Drivers to Live in 2024

10 Best States for Truck Drivers to Live

In big countries like the U.S., there are areas where vast trucker communities were established. They may derive from long-standing historical traditions, or be caused by fleeting industry trends. In any case, there is a compilation of acknowledged criteria that marks the best states for truck drivers. These include:

  • The number of unfilled driver jobs in the state;
  • The salary range and its annual average, lowest and highest points;
  • The location quotient is measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and displays the concentration of a particular industry, compared to the whole national index.

Based on these factors, the top best states for truck drivers to live in 2024 are:

1. Pennsylvania

This Northeastern state is known for its richness of job opportunities for truckers. BLS has estimated the location quotient by 1.43. PA has agreeable taxes, therefore many people choose to base their truck businesses there.

2. Illinois

It is another significant logistics center. IL lies at the crossroads of crucial country communications, and the local government provides plenty of financial incentives for the trucking field. It is considered prestigious for a trucker to live in Chicago or its outskirts.

3. Kentucky

The state features one of the highest BLS quotients – 2.03. Various industries have been developing there, which is why the demand for drivers is insane. Moreover, most cities in KY are known for their safety and high quality of life. Truckers often relocate there with their whole families.

4. Montana

There are many job opportunities for garbage truck drivers. The niche is growing popular across the U.S., and MT is a great place to operate for a waste truck driver.

5. Nevada

The state is the twelfth-highest employer of truck drivers in America. It is a wise decision to relocate to NV because you stay close to the West Coast yet enjoy a lower cost of living than in California and other coastal states.

6. North Dakota

It is considered a perfect state for a flatbed driver to live and work in. The location quotient reaches 1.91, and the annual salary for flatbed drivers is $67,193.

7. Ohio

Ohio traditionally ranks on the list of best states for truck drivers. Its convenient location and infinite job opportunities speak for themselves. There are presently around 15,000 unfilled positions in OH.

8. Kansas

It is not as popular as the other states, but it is convenient to live there if you want to cover different areas and be flexible. KS lies in the very middle of the country which renders it convenient to make delivery to any remote region.

9. Vermont

VT offers the eleventh-highest number of driver jobs and can boast majestic nature attractions.

10. Indiana

Last, but not least, the state has a location quotient of 1.69 and a highly dynamic business landscape. It is a paradise for young aspiring drivers because it offers an abundance of training programs and other means of professional growth.

Best Paying States for Truck Drivers

Competitive salary is one of the key factors that allure drivers to move to another city or state. Although there are up-to-date statistics on wages throughout the country, we also recommend considering side factors like the cost of living, the state tax policy, and tolls for freight transport. Investigate the information thoroughly before venturing into a new place. See the table below to get a hold of the best paying states for truck drivers:

PlaceStateAverage salaryLowest 10% EarnHighest 10% Earn
8.Rhode Island$70,834$47,000$105,000


People who pursue a trucking career have an adventurous spirit. You embrace an ‘on-the-road’ lifestyle and become a more agile, flexible, and independent human being. We encourage you to take risks and find your place under the sun while we are handling the rest. Logity Dispatch is a dedicated company meant to make your trucker life easier. We are always ready to provide quality dispatch assistance and consult you on any business matter, such as the current best states for truck drivers.

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