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Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

Using a trucking GPS app is helpful if you are learning a new route or driving in unfamiliar territory. Even if you know where you are going, using a truck navigation app can help you avoid traffic delays and road closures due to accidents or construction that can slow you down.

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  • Benefits of Using a GPS App for Truckers
  • Qualities to Look for in the Best Trucker GPS Apps
  • Best Free Truck GPS App
  • Best Truck Navigation App for iPhone
  • Best Truck Navigation App for Android 
  • A Final Word on the Best Trucker GPS Apps

GPS apps also help with safety issues, like trying to drive through an underpass that your rig will not clear. These kinds of costly (and dangerous) mishaps can be avoided with the right GPS app for truckers. Keeping truck drivers on schedule is another perk of a trucking GPS app. Failing to get products to customers on time can impact future routes.

There are a lot of options available when choosing a commercial truck navigation app. Sorting through all of them can be mind-boggling. Truck drivers — especially long-haul truckers — have limited downtime. If you do not want to spend your off-hours wading through every trucking GPS app to see if it meets your needs, check out the tips and recommendations below. The team at Logity Dispatch conducted research and did the hard part of finding you some of the best trucker GPS apps available. There are free and paid versions on our list to accommodate all budgets.

Benefits of Using a GPS App for Truckers

Besides the obvious benefit of navigating to your intended destination quicker, there are numerous advantages to using a GPS app for truckers.

  • They help reduce your fuel costs. A truck navigation app finds you the most efficient route for arriving on time. Most apps can be directed to identify the shortest route, which saves on fuel costs. With the national average for diesel fuel prices hovering around $3.34 per gallon (July 21, 2021 data), long-haul truck drivers cannot afford to waste fuel.
  • They improve safety on your routes. Whether you are on a short or long haul, using a GPS app for truckers helps keep you and everyone else on the roadways around you safe. Low-bridge crashes are one of the biggest safety concerns for commercial truck drivers. Avoid low bridges that can seriously damage your rig and the bridge by plugging that data into your GPS app. Most apps designed for commercial drivers include a function that helps drivers elude bridges with low underpasses that will not clear the highest point on their trucks.
  • They reduce stress. Driving in unfamiliar territory is stressful when you are operating a motor vehicle. That anxiety is threefold when the vehicle you are operating is a full-size tractor-trailer. Some of the best GPS navigation apps for commercial truck drivers help provide clear route choices that can get you there faster and safer. Want to avoid busy interstates during rush hour traffic? Some GPS apps have that feature. Need a navigation app that keeps working even if your cellphone signal cuts out? There are apps that do that, too. Whatever your anxiety about driving your rig, there is a GPS app for truckers that helps resolve it.
  • They earn you better insurance rates. This is not a direct benefit, per se, but rather an unintentional side perk. When you use a truck navigation app to help you navigate more safely along your route, you inadvertently reduce your chances of getting into an accident. Fewer accidents equal cheaper insurance rates.

These are just a few of the benefits of using some of the best trucker GPS apps available on the market today.

Qualities to Look for in the Best Trucker GPS Apps

Choosing a GPS app for commercial trucking is different than the kind of GPS most drivers use. Commercial truck drivers have needs that extend beyond what a regular motor vehicle operator requires. Planning and mapping routes, routing solutions, increased efficiency, and saving time on routes are top priorities for commercial truck drivers.

While there are many GPS apps from which to choose, they are not all created equally. There are certain qualities that the best trucker GPS apps have, so you should check to see if the one you plan to download has at least some of these features.

  • Up-to-date maps. It goes without saying that apps that provide real-time, updated mapping are the best solution for truck drivers. Knowing when accidents and road closures pop up can mean the difference between getting to your destination on time and being stuck in a line of traffic on the highway for hours. Besides getting stuck in traffic jams, there are other risks of using out-of-date maps. Driving onto a roadway, bridge, or other area deemed unsafe for your rig can earn you a hefty fine. Do not take the risk. Choose only GPS apps with real-time updates.
  • Accurate navigation. Some free and poorly designed GPS apps have issues with accuracy. This is most likely a risk with truck navigation apps that do not use real-time map updates as part of the included features.
  • Road restrictions. This is another important feature for any GPS app for commercial truck drivers. This helps separate the mediocre from the amazing when you find an app that includes this capability. You can ensure compliance with regulations and improve your overall safety if you have an app that factors in bridge and tunnel height limits, truck weight restrictions, Class 1-8 vehicle restrictions, and roads not approved for commercial use.

Best Free Truck GPS App

When looking for a GPS app for truckers, there are several free options that do a decent job. One of our favorite standbys is Google Maps. It offers frequent updates to road and driving conditions, including accidents, road closures, and speed traps. Long-haul truck drivers will appreciate the added benefit of asking Google Maps to locate fueling stations, overnight accommodations, and places to eat along their route.

Another free truck GPS app is Waze. It works for both Android and iOS devices and is like Google Maps in its offerings. Waze works through the power of crowdsourcing. You get real-time updates on everything from accidents to road closures so you can reroute if necessary.

Trucker Path is another favorite GPS app for truckers. It is free to download and includes both free and paid aspects. You can choose whether you want the limited free version or the complete version with all the bells and whistles.

Best Truck Navigation App for iPhone

If you are looking for a truck GPS app for iPhone, there are several from which to choose. One of our favorites, and arguably the best-rated truck navigation app in the Apple App Store, is Truckbook. It includes tons of trucking-specific features like:

  • Updated digital truck maps for real-time navigation.
  • Smooth operation with all mobile devices, including cellphones and tablets.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Truck parking guides.
  • Plotting for truck repair services, weigh stations, and bridge/road restrictions.

TruckMap is another good navigation app for truckers, available in the Apple App Store for download onto an iOS device. It offers many of the same features as Truckbook on a scaled-down level.

Best Truck Navigation App for Android 

Drivers who need a truck navigation app for Android arguably have more choices than truckers who use devices with an iOS. The Google Play store includes a variety of commercial truck driver GPS apps from which to choose.

One of the best truck navigation apps for download onto your Android device is CoPilot GPS/CoPilot Mobile Navigation. This app is chock-full of all the features a commercial truck driver needs to navigate safely and arrive on time. CoPilot GPS is not a free app. It currently costs $9.99 per month to gain full access to all the tools available on the app. However, it is well worth it for long-haul truckers who must navigate through unfamiliar routes or high-traffic areas. Truckers can enter their rig’s dimensions and weight before taking a trip. The app uses that information to help you avoid bridge underpasses and other roadways that cannot accommodate the size of your truck.

If you like CoPilot GPS, it is not limited to Android users. It is also available on the Apple App Store for downloading onto any iOS mobile device, including iPhones and iPads.

A Final Word on the Best Trucker GPS Apps

Logity Dispatch wants all truck drivers to stay safe on the roadways. Using a navigation app for truck drivers can help you arrive at your destination on time and in one piece.

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