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Best Trucking Companies for New Drivers

If you are a new driver taking your first steps into the exciting industries of trucking and logistics, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed by the whole experience. With so many trucking companies out there, which one is the best option for you and for your flourishing career? Learn more in our handy guide to the best trucking companies for new drivers.

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  • What to Look for as a New Driver Searching for a Trucking Company
  • The List: Some of the Best Trucking Companies for New Drivers
    • Swift Transportation (Also Known as Swift Trucking)
    • US Xpress
    • C.R. England
    • Werner Enterprises
  • Get Support and Assistance as a New Driver With Logity Dispatch
highest paying trucking companies for new drivers

What to Look for as a New Driver Searching for a Trucking Company

  • An established organization with a strong track record of providing work for drivers

There are many logistics firms and trucking companies to choose from. Some have been established for years, or even decades, and cover a wide area. Others are less established and cover only a limited selection or routes. Whichever scale of company you choose, you need to make sure that they can offer the level of work you need. Whether you are looking for a few part-time shifts here and there to augment your income, or a more full-time role, make sure you sign a contract that can guarantee this.

When you are new to trucking, you face an important choice: to work for some company or to work for yourself. The second option means more freedom, but it’s usually hard to do everything on your own: register business, search for loads, file reports, etc.

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A better-established company is also less likely to go out of business. There are many opportunities for high levels of growth and profit in the trucking industry, but only if the organization is properly managed. Working with a long-established name helps you to secure a reliable income stream for the future.

  • A solid reputation for treating drivers well and fairly

Trucking and logistics companies are bound by certain rules and regulations as US-based employers. They have a legal responsibility to uphold the welfare and well-being of drivers and to treat these drivers fairly.

This offers a level of protection for drivers. However, some organizations treat their drivers more fairly than others do. Carry out research on your candidates for employment. Check out review sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor and see what former employees have said about life within these company structures.

  • Working hours that suit your own situation

You need to know what kind of situation you will be dealing with during your working life. Are you also studying at school? Do you have kids or other commitments that take up portions of your time? You need to be able to live your life in the right way — both for yourself and your loved ones — while also earning as much money as you can along the way.

Be upfront about your schedule and commitments, and disclose all necessary information to your prospective employer when you apply. This way, you’ll know whether or not they are able to provide you with what you need.

  • If you do not have a truck of your own, a company that provides high-quality vehicles

Many drivers will be owner-operators and will have their own vehicles. However, many drivers will not be able to draw on this kind of resource early in their career, and the best starter trucking companies will be instead offering their drivers trucks to use while covering their routes.

If this is the case, make sure you have the opportunity to take a look at the truck you will be driving before you sign up. You are going to be spending rather a lot of time in this cab, so it needs to suit your needs. The company should be able to accommodate your wishes and let you take a look at the trucks before you join.

  • A commitment to safety and responsibility

Just like with the point about employees’ welfare listed above, trucking companies are bound by strict laws when it comes to health, safety, and liability. However, this is not to say that some trucking companies have a better safety record than others. Take some time to get to know the safety records of all the companies you are considering driving for so that you can choose the best fit for you. These include driver safety and the safety of the general public.

This is important for your own safety and that of others, of course, but it’s also important for your engagement as a driver and an employee. No one wants to work for a cavalier and irresponsible company, and you will be far happier in your role if you are proud of who you drive for.

  • Appropriate pay and benefits for drivers

Take a look at the remuneration figures and at the benefits the company will offer you further down the line. This is one of the best metrics for comparing different trucking firms. 

Of course, lots of other factors come into play as you make your choice, but payment rates make for great raw data to help you decide on who to work for as a new driver. The highest paying trucking companies for new drivers are usually among the most attractive, and so you might find that the hiring process is a little more competitive.

The List: Some of the Best Trucking Companies for New Drivers

As you can tell, there is a myriad of different considerations and points of contention when choosing a trucking company. With this in mind, it is difficult to say exactly which trucking organization is best for you as a new driver. 

Rather than dive into difficult metrics and provide information that is useful to some and useless to others, we decided to offer a slightly more general list, covering the employers that crop up time and time again in lists of companies offering truck driving jobs for new drivers.

Let’s take a look.

Every company has its pros and cons. But even the best employer can’t give you what you get working for yourself.

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Swift Transportation (Also Known as Swift Trucking)

Swift Transportation Company, also known as Swift Trucking Company, is an organization that scores highly among new drivers, and also among old hands in the business. This is largely thanks to two factors: their commitment to providing high-quality, ultra-safe vehicles to their drivers, and the relatively high wage and benefit packets they offer.

Drivers at Swift enjoy competitive wages as well as benefits that rank among some of the best in the business, providing peace of mind and a degree of financial security for drivers. This is undoubtedly a good thing for logistics drivers, who work hard at a difficult job and deserve to be compensated accordingly.

The firm is also serious about the ongoing professional development of its drivers, providing the kinds of training courses and vocational support that employees need if they are to get the very best from their careers. This is a major plus point, especially for new drivers. While some drivers prefer a hands-off approach from employers, having the resources and the support to help with goal attainment and professional improvement is a serious draw for many.

US Xpress

Employees of US Xpress have noted that the firm is highly supportive of its drivers, particularly those who are new to the industry. Many drivers have received direct funding to help them pass their CDL classes, with a view to hiring these drivers once the qualification is complete. US Xpress is also noted for hiring graduates of CDL classes even if these drivers have only limited experience.

Alongside this generous investment in the early development of drivers, US Xpress also offers high wage packets to their drivers. Even relatively new drivers, or drivers that have only recently graduated, can expect to receive competitive remuneration. It’s crucial that drivers of all experience levels feel valued by their employers. There are many ways that employers can make drivers feel this value, but payment certainly plays a crucial role.

Drivers report additional benefits as well. US Xpress has been known to cover health insurance, dental insurance and medication, among other things — all of which add up to a great experience for drivers. It’s always heartening to hear of these kinds of advantages being offered to drivers at all levels of experience.

C.R. England

C.R. England is known for providing high salaries, great benefits, and attractive taxation advantages to its veteran drivers. However, the firm is also committed to giving its new and developing drivers the kind of financial compensation and benefits they deserve. As drivers clock more miles within the organization and become established employees at C.R. England, their wages and benefits will increase.

Like other companies on this list, C.R. England helps its drivers during their professional development. Support and guidance is offered to less experienced drivers as they improve their skills and hone their craft. All drivers want to be able to get the most from their careers, which makes C.R. England one of the best options among trucking companies that hire new drivers.

Another key aspect of working with C.R. England is the firm’s commitment to social responsibility and charity. C.R. England has a strong track record of charitable donations and support for non-profit organizations. This provides a sense of positivity and engagement that really helps drivers to feel like they are part of a team.

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises has made a name for itself as one of the most ambitious and proactive trucking companies in the US, and it is always looking to expand its operations across America, as well as beyond into Mexico and Canada. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that they are always looking to champion new drivers and aid with their development.

With good pay packets, valuable driver benefits, and the right kind of professional support, Werner Enterprises is a great option for new drivers. It also has a reputation for being environmentally conscious and sustainable, which is good news for all drivers who want to be part of something they can be proud of.

New CDL graduates are welcome at Werner Enterprises. The firm has a history of training up new graduates and helping them gain the experience they need to go further in their careers.

Get Support and Assistance as a New Driver With Logity Dispatch

Are you a new driver looking to break into the industry? Do you need support and guidance on your way to making the most from your career? Reach out to the team here at Logity Dispatch.

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