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Emergency Brake Assist – A System That Saves Lives

A recent report by Policy Advice shows that trucks transport about 70% of all shipped products in the US. However, trucks have been involved in many road accidents, with 130,000 people suffering injuries from truck-related accidents every year. Some of these accidents occur because the truck drivers can’t effectively engage the brakes. That is why installing emergency braking assist for trucks is essential.

Table of Contents
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  • What Is an Emergency Brake Assist on Trucks?
  • Types of Brake Assist on Trucks
  • Benefits of Having an Emergency Brake Assist on a Truck
    • Avoid Collisions
    • Prevent Accidents During Turning
    • Ease Reversing
  • Getting Started

What Is an Emergency Brake Assist on Trucks?

A braking assist is a device that slows or stops a vehicle without human intervention. This happens when the braking assist detects obstacles on the truck’s path, such as animals, vehicles, and pedestrians. The detection is done by multiple technologies, including LIDAR, radar, cameras, and sensors.

Before the automatic braking assist slows or stops the vehicle, it will warn the driver through an audio or visual signal. In some instances, the automatic assist can add extra power to the braking system after the driver engages the brakes. If the driver doesn’t brake within a specified period, the truck will slow down or stop automatically. Nevertheless, some automatic braking assist systems can stop the car without warning the driver.

The assist mechanism can be placed at the front, side, or rear of the truck. Radar sensors are usually placed at the air vents or bumper while cameras are inside or behind the windshield. The software will then analyze the collected data and identify potential crashes.

Types of Brake Assist on Trucks

Each brake assist system in vehicles uses multiple software and tools to predict and stop truck accidents. Some of the types of automatic brake assist systems are:

  • Anti-Lock Braking System: This system can identify sudden braking or skidding by monitoring wheel movement.
  • Emergency Brake Assist: This system can increase the braking power during an emergency stop when the applied pressure is insufficient.
  • Forward Collision Warning: This system calculates forward collision probability and warns the driver when the collision risk increases.
  • Forward Collision Mitigation: This system calculates the vehicle’s situation, applies the brakes, and simultaneously warns the driver.
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance: This system employs assisted driving and anti-lock brakes to prevent a crash.
  • Reverse Automatic Braking Assist: This system can detect stationary or moving objects behind the car when backing up. It will then alert the driver and may stop the vehicle on its own.

Benefits of Having an Emergency Brake Assist on a Truck

Installing an automatic braking system has many benefits, such as:

Avoid Collisions

The automatic braking assist continuously measures the distance between the car and the vehicle in front of it. Once the braking software determines that the vehicle in front is dangerously near the vehicle, it will warn the driver and activate the partial braking assist. This boosts the braking power when the driver steps on the brake pedal. If the driver doesn’t react or the deceleration is not enough, it will automatically slow or stop the car to prevent a collision.

Prevent Accidents During Turning

A driver needs to know the speed and location of other vehicles and objects when turning the truck. If the driver gets it wrong, the truck may cause an accident. An automatic braking assist can prevent this accident by stopping the truck once it detects a potential collision.

Ease Reversing

Inattention and inability to see objects behind the car can cause collisions and accidents during reversing. An automatic braking assist for a truck can acquire, classify, and track rear objects via its camera sensor. This provides an accurate picture of the truck’s surroundings during backing up.

Getting Started

Trucks with brake assist systems are safer and will avoid unnecessary stoppages. Owners and drivers can also improve efficiency by working a dispatch service such as Logity Dispatch. At Logity Dispatch, we coordinate the details, negotiate the rates, and search for loads. Contact us for more information.

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