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best dash cam for truckers

The Best Dash Cams for Trucks

12 Feb 2021
Bill Duckstein

Dash cams have become popular accessories in vehicles for a number of practical reasons. They can provide important, real-time evidence to support a driver's version of events for court or insurance purposes.

diesel fuel saving tips

Best Diesel Fuel Economy Tips

8 Feb 2021
Chad Green

Fuel is one of the biggest outgoings and can be unpredictable as a result of fluctuating gas prices. But that doesn't mean you have to pay any more than is necessary to complete the deliveries.

ifta report

How to Start a Diesel Truck in Cold Weather: Top Tips

8 Feb 2021
Chad Green

Here are a few helpful tips on how to start a diesel truck in cold weather to make sure you are able to get on the road to deliver your loads sooner and earn money for your business.

steps to becoming an owner operator truck driver

How to Become an Owner Operator Truck Driver

22 Dec 2020
Kate Feyrer

Running your own trucking operation is an attractive career path with a great many benefits and advantages. Take a look at our guide and learn all about the steps to becoming an owner-operator truck driver.

trucking companies that hire new drivers

Best Trucking Companies for New Drivers

22 Dec 2020
Helen Adams

With so many trucking companies out there, which one is the best option for you and for your flourishing career? Learn more in our handy guide to the best trucking companies for new drivers.

what is ifta

All Information About IFTA

18 Dec 2020
Helen Adams

If you are a driver or owner-operator in the logistics trade, you will know all about fuel tax. It is this kind of payment that eats into your profit margins and makes it difficult to calculate the returns on your investment for each job.