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How to raise revenue by over $3 million in 3 years with a dispatcher

Andrei Chirkov, co-founder of Trucking Alliance

Trucking Alliance is a trucking service company based in Horsham, PA extending its routes to the Midwest, North, Northeast, and Southeastern United States. Their story started 3 years ago when the founders had two dry vans and a plan to start a successful transportation company. 

The company was started from scratch and, at first, they tried to manage everything on their own. It turned out quite challenging and ineffective: complicated company formation process, load finding, and tonnes of paperwork. Then, Andrei Chirkov, a co-founder of Trucking Alliance, realized they needed a reliable dispatch partner to run the business and soon signed their first agreement with Logity Dispatch.

“We never expected such rapid growth when we started using dispatch services. Last year we raised our revenue to $3.6 million and extended the fleet to 20 trucks.”

For now, Trucking Alliance provides customer-centric trucking services with a commitment to on-time and damage-free delivery with 20 trucks in the fleet–including dry vans, power only, flatbed, step-deck, and double drop trucks. In 2021 the company made 1.3M miles and raised its gross revenue to $3,600,000 a year.

Trucking Alliance uses a full range of our services: truck dispatching, document management, billing, rate negotiation, IFTA reporting, and accounting. It helps to make everything work like clockwork and focus on driving.

“It is always better to outsource expertise to the specialists instead of trying to do everything in-house.”

Outsourcing Logity Dispatch services, Trucking Alliance gets high-quality 24/7 support and a personal dispatcher that can be switched in case of problems at any time. Our managers constantly stay in touch with the company to offer high-rate loads that satisfy its needs. Andrei doesn’t pay any fixed regular fee but a percentage of the company’s revenue once a week. 

“I highly recommend Logity Dispatch for those who are in the trucking business and want to succeed in this industry.”

If you desire to try dispatch services, contact our managers and get a free consultation today.