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How to Start a Trucking Business From Scratch With a Dispatch Service

Chris Vanputten,

Chris Vanputten is an owner of the Connecticut-based transport company “CVP Trucking LLC” (MC number 1211871). The company has been working with Logity Dispatch since January 2022. For now, CVP Trucking has three box trucks in the fleet.

When Chris Vanputten became a Logity Dispatch partner, he was brand-new in transportation service. Our dispatcher found his very first load.

“You gave me a dispatcher, I made a call and he got me a load before I even finished the paperwork for you.”

Initially, Chris was struggling to drive and search for loads on his own. He had a couple of load boards and tried to get on them, but he was too busy to manage it. At that moment he thought about getting a dispatch partner and Logity Dispatch was the first one that popped up. 

Chris talked to our dispatcher and got his first load before the paperwork was finished. Logity Dispatch managers provided him with all the necessary information and helped him to get everything ready.

“It’s more than just finding a load, you guys take care of me.”

After six months of cooperation, Chris turned into a successful owner-operator. During this time he had no problems with his personal dispatcher and never was disappointed with the loads he was offered. Now everything he does is driving, and Logity Dispatch provides all the rest.

 “I need a dispatcher, I’m too busy to sit at a computer. A dispatcher makes it a way easier.”

If you wish to try dispatcher services, contact our managers and get a free consultation today.