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Author: Kate Feyrer

Kate Feyrer

Kate made her first trip as an owner-operator when she was 23 years old.
Her love for big cars came from her brother, who took her on some trips and spent time with her at the auto repair shop.
Today, she is a professional truck driver who has traveled thousands of miles.
Kate loves dogs very much. In her spare time, she plays computer games.

dangerous roads in u.s for truckers

The Most Dangerous Roads for Truckers in the United States

23 Nov 2021
Kate Feyrer

Keep reading below for our advice on how to spot a dangerous road for truck drivers and a list of some of the deadliest and most treacherous places in United States.

freelance truck driving

Freelance Truckers - All You Need to Know

05 Oct 2021
Kate Feyrer

Trucking is a popular and lucrative job space for millions of Americans. There are generally two ways that a truck driver can tap into this industry — as a trucking company employee or a freelance truck driver.

women who drive trucks

Women in Truck Driving

14 Sept 2021
Kate Feyrer

Female truck drivers made up only 6.2% of all drivers in 2017, and the industry continues to be dominated by males. There is some positivity to be found here, however. The number of women who drive trucks is on the rise.

how much weight can i carry in my truck

How Much Weight Can a Truck Carry

12 Feb 2021
Kate Feyrer

One of the most frequent questions we hear from businesses is how much weight a truck can carry. The question may seem simple enough, but the answer is a bit more complicated.

steps to becoming an owner operator truck driver

How to Become an Owner Operator Truck Driver

22 Dec 2020
Kate Feyrer

Running your own trucking operation is an attractive career path with a great many benefits and advantages. Take a look at our guide and learn all about the steps to becoming an owner-operator truck driver.