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Dear consumers, users, and potential counterparties!

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LOGITY DISPATCH strives to ensure the best experience with our services. Thus, we take all information on suspicious or fraudulent activities seriously!

It has been recently brought to our attention that our brand name “Logity Dispatch” and company details are being used fraudulently to cheat individuals and companies.

Please be aware that some parties (whether an individual or a company) impersonate themselves as representatives of our company, reach out to potential counterparties, and propose cooperation on our behalf. They use our brand name “Logity Dispatch” and mention our registered address to mislead individuals/companies. They might extort your personal data and send contracts with invoices as a prepayment. They might also insist on making fast payments.

After the prepayment is made, they might stop any further communication and not fulfill contracts.

We hereby state that we did not and do not authorize or otherwise engage in any fraudulent activities. We are committed to fair business practices and are willing to fully comply with arrangements and contracts to which we are a party. 

We now intentionally avoid naming specific identifiers of individuals or companies involved, as we are yet to ascertain the scale of the scheme and all of the parties involved. However, given the systematic nature of the fraudulent activity we have acknowledged, it is our deep concern that many individuals and companies may be affected by such parties.

For the sake of awareness and security, we strongly urge you to exercise the highest level of caution and care with any engagement offers!

Please at all times verify whether any parties reaching out to you for cooperation under our brand name “Logity Dispatch” are, in fact, our representatives or partners, before providing personal data and making any payments!

Please be advised that we use your best endeavors to stop and prevent this fraud, including seeking criminal, civil, and other possible liabilities. However, “Logity Dispatch” (Supply Chain Mgmt Inc.) shall not be held liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, or other inconvenience incurred by you or any other party in relation to or as a result of the actions of the fraudsters, as “Logity Dispatch” (Supply Chain Mgmt Inc.) cannot control them.

If you believe that you have suffered from the said fraud, or you have received any phishing, spam, or fraudulent email, or if you have any concerns in this regard, please contact us via our official contacts:

call: +1 (302) 425-93-13

email: info@logitydispatch.com