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Author: Chad Green

Chad Green

Chad has been driving a truck for over 10 years. During this time, traveled to the United States up and down.
Knows everything about trucks and cargo transportation.
Cooperates with logitydispatch.com for two years. During this time, thanks to us, he traveled more than 200,000 miles and transported more than 5,000,000 tons of cargo.
He likes to write articles and maintains his own blog.

Out for delivery | Lax Freight

What Does "Out for Delivery" Mean & How Long It Takes?

Chad Green

Learn what "Out for Delivery" means and how long it typically takes for your package to arrive after receiving this status.


How to Become an Owner Operator: Your Complete Guide for 2024

Chad Green

Unlock the path to success as an owner-operator truck driver in 2024. Gain essential insights for navigating the transportation industry.


Best States for Truck Drivers to Live in 2024

Chad Green

Discover the best states for truck drivers to live in 2024, considering job opportunities, wages, cost of living, and quality of life.

Fuel Card for Truckers

Fuel Cards for Truckers: Best 10 Trucking Fuel Cards - Logity Dispatch

Chad Green

Discover top 10 trucking fuel cards for efficient fleet management. Logity Dispatch offers the best fuel card solutions for truckers.


How to Create a Trucking Business Plan in 10 Steps

Chad Green

Discover key elements and steps for creating a trucking business plan, guiding entrepreneurs through legal requirements, market analysis, and operational strategies for success in the freight industry.

truck driving skills

Is Truck Driving Considered a Skilled Trade

3 Jan 2022
Chad Green

If your only work experience is as a truck driver, skilled worker jobs aren’t an option for you. SSA doesn’t consider you to have any transferable skills. Once you’re 50 years old, you might fit into a grid rule that says you are disabled