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women who drive trucks

Women in Truck Driving

14 Sept 2021

Female truck drivers made up only 6.2% of all drivers in 2017, and the industry continues to be dominated by males. There is some positivity to be found here, however. The number of women who drive trucks is on the rise.

truck driver stress

Truck Driver's Stress Relief

14 Sept 2021

There will inevitably be times they feel overwhelmed and under pressure. Here are a few types of truck driving stress you may encounter and some helpful ideas regarding stress relief for truck drivers.

trucks name

The Best Names for Trucks: Selecting the Perfect Option for Your Vehicle

14 Sept 2021

Choosing the right name for a truck is important. Good trucking names truly reflect the personality of your vehicle and can help you foster a great connection with something that is far more than just a form of transport.

best mud tire for trucks

Best Mud Tires for Trucks

14 Sept 2021

Commercial trucks must travel safely through various road conditions. When the weather gets sloshy, mud can pose a risk to a truck driver’s. Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies require top-quality products.

how to stay awake while driving a truck

How Do Truck Drivers Stay Awake

06 Aug 2021

Truck drivers put in a lot of long hours. Staying awake can be challenging at times. Sometimes their routes include an overnight run. Night truck driving makes it a bit more challenging to stay awake while behind the wheel.

how to lose weight being a truck driver

What Do Truck Drivers Eat on the Road

06 Aug 2021

Truck drivers eat a lot of food that probably is not good for them (or their health). Eating while on the road is challenging for many reasons, least of all because of a lack of space for storing and preparing healthful meals.