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The Environmental Impact of Trucking and How to Reduce It

21 Sep 2023

To truly appreciate the transport impact on the environment and environmental repercussions of the trucking industry, we must delve deeper into the issue and grasp its full scale.


Trucking Heroes: A Story of the One Who Keeps the Country Moving

13 Sep 2023

As we celebrate National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week, Logity Dispatch wants to share with you an incredible story of the veteran truck driver Robert Feeney.


Differences Between CDL vs. Non-CDL Driver's Licenses

12 Sep 2023

The demand for commercial truck drivers is rising, and undergoing CDL training could be your gateway to establishing a resilient career with substantial income potential.


Diesel Trucks vs. Gasoline Trucks — Which Is Right For You?

07 Sep 2023

Discover the pros and cons of diesel trucks and gasoline trucks, and find the perfect match for your needs. Make an informed decision now!


Difference Between Freight Brokers and Truck Dispatchers

21 Aug 2023

Differences between brokers and freight dispatchers. Learn about their roles, responsibilities and how they contribute to efficient cargo management.

how many hours a week do truck drivers work

Balancing Work and Personal Life for Truck Drivers

07 Jul 2023

Truck drivers face unique challenges in achieving a harmonious work-life balance. However, with careful consideration and proactive strategies, it is entirely possible to find equilibrium in this profession. In fact, due to the demands of their job, maintaining a work-life balance becomes even more crucial for truck drivers compared to individuals in other industries.