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ice road truckers most dangerous roads

How Dangerous is Ice Road Trucking?

16 Nov 2021
Chad Green

Freezing temperatures and extreme winter weather combine to make travel dangerous on regular throughways. Add in the pressure of hearing ice cracking beneath your rig as you drive, and it can be a terrifying experience.

can a child ride in a single cab truck

Can a Child Ride in a Commercial Truck?

05 Oct 2021
Chad Green

Missing out on that quality in-person time with your kids is one of the worst aspects of a trucking job, which is why one of the most frequently asked questions a new truck driver has is, “Can I let my child ride in my truck?".

freelance truck driving

Freelance Truckers - All You Need to Know

05 Oct 2021
Kate Feyrer

Trucking is a popular and lucrative job space for millions of Americans. There are generally two ways that a truck driver can tap into this industry — as a trucking company employee or a freelance truck driver.

truck driver in vacation

Truck Driver Vacation Time

04 Oct 2021
Helen Adams

We all need a good vacation from time to time, but how do vacations work for truck drivers? Let's take a look at some of the key aspects of time-off for truckers, including full-time, part-time, and freelance vacations.

truck podcast

Best Trucker Podcasts

04 Oct 2021
Bill Duckstein

Even your favorite tunes can get a little boring when you’re on the road for hours or days on end. Podcasts have never been more popular, which means there are plenty of options for you to choose from on your drive!

women who drive trucks

Women in Truck Driving

14 Sept 2021
Kate Feyrer

Female truck drivers made up only 6.2% of all drivers in 2017, and the industry continues to be dominated by males. There is some positivity to be found here, however. The number of women who drive trucks is on the rise.