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how to sleep in a day cab truck

How to Sleep in a Truck

29 Mar 2021
Chad Green

Wondering how to sleep in a truck when you are working long hours, stuck on the road, or have a few hours to kill? Whether you are driving a truck there are affordable and comfortable sleeping options available to you.

how many hours can truck drivers drive

How Many Hours Can a Truck Driver Drive?

29 Mar 2021
Chad Green

Commercial truck drivers spend a lot of time on the open highway. There are rules in place about how many hours truck drivers can drive in a day to help ensure their well-being and the safety of other drivers on the roadways.

how cold can a reefer trailer get

Reefer Temperature Range

29 Mar 2021
Bill Duckstein

If you’re new to truck driving or moving refrigerated cargo, read on to learn all about setting the right reefer temperature for different types of cargo, as well as best practices when working with perishable loads.

what is otr truck driving

What is the Difference Between Regional, Local, and OTR Trucking?

29 Mar 2021
Helen Adams

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders are eligible to hold several kinds of trucking jobs. There are three types of trucking runs: local, regional, and OTR. Each position comes with benefits and drawbacks.

how to secure a flatbed load

How to Secure Load on Flatbed

24 Feb 2021
Bill Duckstein

Most people understand the need to secure such a load, and they have a rough idea of how to do so. Still, there is a lot to consider, and it may be necessary to make some calculations before you set off on any journey.

how much weight can i carry in my truck

How Much Weight Can a Truck Carry

12 Feb 2021
Kate Feyrer

One of the most frequent questions we hear from businesses is how much weight a truck can carry. The question may seem simple enough, but the answer is a bit more complicated.