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Bill Duckstein

Bill was born in the small town of Shoshone, Idaho.
Since childhood, he knew what a truck was since his father was a truck driver.
He is fond of electronics and knows everything about the latest technologies for trucks.
Bill shares his thoughts on the company blog logitydispatch.com.

emergency brake assist

Emergency Brake Assist – A System That Saves Lives

29 Nov 2021
Bill Duckstein

A braking assist is a device that slows or stops a vehicle without human intervention. This happens when the braking assist detects obstacles on the truck's path, such as animals, vehicles, and pedestrians.

truck podcast

Best Trucker Podcasts

04 Oct 2021
Bill Duckstein

Even your favorite tunes can get a little boring when you’re on the road for hours or days on end. Podcasts have never been more popular, which means there are plenty of options for you to choose from on your drive!

best mud tire for trucks

Best Mud Tires for Trucks

14 Sept 2021
Bill Duckstein

Commercial trucks must travel safely through various road conditions. When the weather gets sloshy, mud can pose a risk to a truck driver’s. Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies require top-quality products.

what is the best truck gps app

Best Trucker GPS Apps for Commercial Drivers

22 July 2021
Bill Duckstein

Using a trucking GPS app is helpful if you are learning a new route or driving in unfamiliar territory. Navigation app can help you avoid traffic delays and road closures due to accidents or construction that can slow you down.


What Is the Safest Truck to Drive?

01 June 2021
Bill Duckstein

There's a common misconception that if a vehicle is larger and has more metal, it is safe. However, it is the safety features and design that determine a vehicle's safety level. This is especially true for trucks.


Top 4 Best GPS for Truckers

30 Apr 2021
Bill Duckstein

GPS for truckers is an important safety tool. The best navigation systems help truckers avoid roads that are not truck-friendly – recommending the best route to get them from point A to point B.