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Best Trucker Podcasts

Even your favorite music might get a little monotonous when you’re traveling for hours or days on end. Fortunately, podcasts are more popular than ever, so you have many selections to choose from on your next journey! There is a podcast out there for everyone, even us truckers, ranging from real crime and serial drama to international news and sports commentary.

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  • Which Podcasts Do Truckers Listen to the Most?
    • Talk CDL Trucking Podcast
  • The Trucking Podcast/Trucking After Hours
  • Ask The Trucker “LIVE” w/ Allen Smith
  • Great Female Podcasts for Truckers
    • Alice Isn’t Dead
    • Women in Trucking Podcast
  • Comedy Trucking Podcasts that are certain to put a smile on your face
    • Trucker Dump
    • Big Rig Banter
  • The best trucker podcast for extended trips
    • Red Eye Radio – The Extra Mile
    • The Midnight Truck Stop
    • The Truck Show Podcast
  • Food Truck Podcasts to Listen On-the-Road
    • Truck Tales/Food Truck Ventures
    • The Food Truck Scholar
    • Kiwi Foodcast
  • Where to search for the next podcast to listen to?
  • You’re not really into trucking podcasts? These ones are for you
    • Comedy
    • News and Information
    • Drama and Fiction
    • True Crime
    • Sports

There is no need to seek any further if you are in need of an excellent new truck podcast to listen to while you are out on the road. We’ve put together a list of the best shows that are all about trucking, and you can check them out below. Following this, we will talk about some of the most popular trucking podcasts that have ever been downloaded and some of our favorites in this particular sector.

Are you prepared to discover your next go-to podcast?

Which Podcasts Do Truckers Listen to the Most?

Are these the very finest truck podcasts that have ever been produced? It’s our opinion, but taking into account how many people tune in to these programs each week, it’s a perfect prediction. The following are the three trucking podcasts that have the most listeners currently accessible.

Talk CDL Trucking Podcast

Talk CDL Trucking Podcast is a podcast that is produced specifically for truckers and by truckers. It has been ranked as the best podcast for truckers on the planet. There will be a new episode available every week that will explore some of the most important facts pertaining to the trucking business. Topics covered in these episodes will include current events, who to work for, trucking advice, and more.

The Trucking Podcast/Trucking After Hours

Both The Transportation Podcast and the Trucking After Hours podcast are hosted by the dynamic father-and-son combination Buck and Don Ballard. Both pickup truck podcasts cover a wide range of topics, including trucking, business, life outside of the truck, and everything in between. From a staff that is well-versed in both the trucking industry and other topics, you will have the opportunity to gain some knowledge in both of these spheres throughout your time here.

Ask The Trucker “LIVE” w/ Allen Smith

Allen Smith, an experienced trucker, has been the presenter of one of the best podcasts for truckers available online since the year 2008. Tune in to Ask The Trucker to hear about some of the most pressing concerns in the trucking industry and to receive recommendations on how to advance your career. Truck drivers have the added benefit of being able to phone in and interact with one of the most well-known figures in the trucking business in real-time by asking questions and getting answers.

Great Female Podcasts for Truckers

It can be challenging being a female trucker in a profession that is dominated by males, which is why we’re always thrilled to hear from women who work in the trucking sector. The following is a list of some of the best podcasts for truckers that were either produced by female truckers or featured female truckers.

Alice Isn’t Dead

It is not very often that the industry of trucking ends up being the setting for a popular serial drama, yet, this is the case. An unnamed truck driver is the protagonist of the fictitious drama Alice Isn’t Dead. He or she is shown traversing the United States in an effort to find the truck driver’s missing wife. This is one podcast that will definitely have you listening right up to the very end since it is so packed with tense moments, unexpected turns of events, and creepy sound effects.

Women in Trucking Podcast

This week’s episode of Women in Trucking has a beautiful mix of listener call-ins, inspirational tales, and professional interviews with women from throughout the trucking business. And you don’t need to be a female to appreciate it, either! This podcast is a terrific listen for any driver, and its goal is to assist in addressing the gender diversity challenges that are now being faced by the trucking industry.

Comedy Trucking Podcasts that are certain to put a smile on your face

Truckers are known for their uncanny ability to look on the bright side of any situation. We have the perfect comedy trucker podcast for you, whether you’re working till the wee hours of the morning and need something humorous to help you through the long hours or you need a little bit of lightheartedness to take your mind off a motorist who’s being a jerk. These podcasts for truck drivers are not only educational but also fun, and they need to take themselves more seriously.

Trucker Dump

Great advice and lame jokes are told in a self-deprecating manner that will make you laugh along with the speaker. Trucker Dump is a pickup truck podcast that not only pokes fun at some parts of what it means to be a trucker but also provides thoughts and tales that are both informative and entertaining, and you’ll like listening to both of these things.

Big Rig Banter

Big Rig Banter is an exception to the rule that education and amusement only sometimes go hand in hand with one another. This program is hosted by two hardworking journalists named Troy and Lenay. It features interviews with truck drivers, during which the drivers discuss current issues in an interesting manner.

The best trucker podcast for extended trips

It is always a good idea to have high-quality entertainment to listen to, especially when the distance that remains seems to stretch forever. And that is precisely what you will get from listening to these midnight trucker audio programs! Turn up the volume on the speaker, and then lean back in your seat for some fantastic entertainment on your subsequent lengthy journey.

Red Eye Radio – The Extra Mile

Red Eye Radio has been broadcasting for the better part of the last half-century and targets its programming exclusively at those who are up late at night. This is a program that will provide you with something to think about during those long journeys since it is packed with the most current trucking news, information that is pertinent to the industry, and high-quality entertainment. The program discusses a wide range of subjects and concerns that are significant to drivers.

The Midnight Truck Stop

When traveling alone on dark, isolated roads at night, odd things might happen, and the hosts of The Midnight Truck Stop are the only people who really understand this concept. Every edition of this nocturnal trucker podcast is akin to a tale told over a campfire, except it’s tailored to the needs of truck drivers. When you’re traveling late at night and need something to keep you awake, downloading this podcast and listening to the fascinating accounts of people’s bizarre and unexplainable experiences on the road is just what you need.

The Truck Show Podcast

The topics covered in episodes of The Truck Show Podcast range from custom trucks to trucking events and anything else in between. The podcast is wider than just large commercial vehicles. The Truck Show provides hours of entertainment for people all over the globe who are passionate about trucks. The show bills itself as a “fun and irreverent look at today’s world of trucks.”

Food Truck Podcasts to Listen On-the-Road

Why do not a greater number of individuals have an interest in food trucks? We can promise that by listening to these interesting and original podcasts about food trucks, you will get a lot of knowledge about the intriguing business that surrounds food trucks.

Truck Tales/Food Truck Ventures

Please tune in to Truck Tales, also known as Food Truck Ventures, to get an inside look at what it’s like to be a food truck owner and operator in the real world. This wacky podcast examines the highs and lows of the food truck business and features entertaining tales from the often challenging lives of food truck owners and operators.

The Food Truck Scholar

Host Ariel D. Smith, also known as “The Food Truck Scholar” is on a mission to teach people all around the nation about the mobile food sector. She provides an extraordinary forum in which food truck drivers from all walks of life may tell their personal tales. Come get to know food truckers from all over the nation and have a better understanding of how incredible this rapidly expanding sector is.

Kiwi Foodcast

The wonderful thing about food is that it allows us to connect with people all over the globe in the same way, regardless of where we are physically located. However, despite the fact that it originates from New Zealand, this podcast about food trucks still has some amazing tales to tell! Join presenter Perzen Patel as she travels around New Zealand in search of local delicacies and tales from other food enthusiasts just like you on the Kiwi Foodcast.

Where to search for the next podcast to listen to?

Are you looking for a place to get podcasts? There is a wide variety of choices available. You may watch the episode as soon as it becomes available by going to the website of the podcast directly, or you can download an app that provides access to your favorite podcasts whenever you want them.

Google Apps, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Stitcher, Wondery, and Spotify are some of the places where you may get some of the greatest trucking podcasts, including the ones mentioned above. Installing the app is as easy as doing a search for your podcast. Need help locating the podcast you want to listen to? If you’re looking for other methods to listen to it, you may try searching for it on your preferred search engine.

You’re not really into trucking podcasts? These ones are for you

Even if you are a truck driver, it doesn’t mean you want to listen to a podcast about truck drivers on every trip you take. A podcast is a great option for those times when you want to take a break from talking about driving but are still interested in listening to something that will keep you engaged. Our picks for podcasts about topics other than trucking include the following, and they range from true crime and horror podcasts to news and economics podcasts:


  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Comedy Bang! Bang!
  • How Did This Get Made

News and Information

  • This American Life
  • BBC Global News
  • Freakonomics Radio

Drama and Fiction

  • Serial
  • The Magnus Archives
  • The Archers

True Crime

  • The Pit
  • Dirty John
  • My Favorite Murder


  • First Take
  • The Bill Simmons Podcast
  • The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny

Listening to entertaining tales makes our time spent traveling a little bit more bearable.

We at Logity Dispatch are aware that driving a truck is not the most straightforward profession; hence, we are working hard to improve the situation. Our helpful crew is always ready to provide a hand, whether you come to us for fantastic entertainment and suggestions on trucker podcasts or for assistance with freight dispatch. You may get more information about our services by going online, or you can give us a call right now at +1 (302) 425-93-15.

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