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Author: Helen Adams

Helen Adams

Helen is the best dispatch manager at Takes first place in the local rating of employees for more than a year.
Has been with us for over two years.
Knows several languages, enjoys yoga and is great at jurisprudence.
She started writing articles because she believes that knowing the legal aspects of the profession is as important as knowing how to drive a truck well.


All About IFTA report

03 Nov 2022
Helen Adams

What is IFTA reporting? This refers to the IFTA fuel tax report that needs to be filled out and filed on a quarterly basis


How to get a SCAC code? Who is required to have a SCAC code?

05 Oct 2022
Helen Adams

We can say that the code is required for all carriers operating in the United States, especially those cooperating with government agencies


Does Your Company Need DOT or MC Number? What’s the Difference Between an MC Number and a DOT Number?

24 Sep 2022
Helen Adams

A carrier license in the United States is required in certain cases. What are these cases? What are USDOT and MC numbers?


Market Overview: Trucking rates per mile 2022

14 Sep 2022
Helen Adams

After the trucking crisis in 2022, owner-operators earned much less money as a result of the dramatic decline in rate per mile


What Is a Clean Driving Record and How to Get One?

31 Aug 2022
Helen Adams

The driving records or vehicle report (MVR) is data about your driving history, including accidents. This information is publicly available so that any employer can check your eligibility for "cleanliness"

truck driver in vacation

Truck Driver Vacation Time

04 Oct 2021
Helen Adams

We all need a good vacation from time to time, but how do vacations work for truck drivers? Let's take a look at some of the key aspects of time-off for truckers, including full-time, part-time, and freelance vacations.