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Helen Adams

Helen is the best dispatch manager at logitydispatch.com. Takes first place in the local rating of employees for more than a year.
Has been with us for over two years.
Knows several languages, enjoys yoga and is great at jurisprudence.
She started writing articles because she believes that knowing the legal aspects of the profession is as important as knowing how to drive a truck well.

how long to get a cdl

How Long Does it Take to Get a CDL

06 May 2021
Helen Adams

It takes about 3-7 weeks on average to get a CDL or commercial driver’s license. There are a number of variables that affect how long it will take in your state, which you should consider as you plan your approach.

flatbed truck license requirements

Do You Need a Special License to Drive a Flatbed Truck?

06 Apr 2021
Helen Adams

One question we at Logity Dispatch often get is: What kind of license is needed for a flatbed truck? In this article, we will talk about the requirements needed to drive flatbed trucks.

what is otr truck driving

What is the Difference Between Regional, Local, and OTR Trucking?

29 Mar 2021
Helen Adams

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders are eligible to hold several kinds of trucking jobs. There are three types of trucking runs: local, regional, and OTR. Each position comes with benefits and drawbacks.

trucking companies that hire new drivers

Best Trucking Companies for New Drivers

22 Dec 2020
Helen Adams

With so many trucking companies out there, which one is the best option for you and for your flourishing career? Learn more in our handy guide to the best trucking companies for new drivers.

what is ifta

All Information About IFTA

18 Dec 2020
Helen Adams

If you are a driver or owner-operator in the logistics trade, you will know all about fuel tax. It is this kind of payment that eats into your profit margins and makes it difficult to calculate the returns on your investment for each job.

start car transportation business

How to Start a Car Transport Business

18 Dec 2020
Helen Adams

As specialists we have seen the common mistakes and errors those starting a vehicle transport business tend to make. We would like to offer our tips on how to start a car transport business and make it a viable success.