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how long to get a cdl

How Long Does it Take to Get a CDL

06 May 2021

It takes about 3-7 weeks on average to get a CDL or commercial driver’s license. There are a number of variables that affect how long it will take in your state, which you should consider as you plan your approach.

best gps for truck

Top 4 Best GPS for Truckers

30 Apr 2021

GPS for truckers is an important safety tool. The best navigation systems help truckers avoid roads that are not truck-friendly – recommending the best route to get them from point A to point B.

flatbed truck license requirements

Do You Need a Special License to Drive a Flatbed Truck?

06 Apr 2021

One question we at Logity Dispatch often get is: What kind of license is needed for a flatbed truck? In this article, we will talk about the requirements needed to drive flatbed trucks.


How to Eat Healthy as a Truck Driver?

1 Apr 2021

The truck driver population is one of the unhealthiest in the USA. Given how hard it can be for a truck driver to stay on top of good eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle when a driver is on the road day in, day out.

how do truckers sleep

How do Truck Drivers Sleep?

1 Apr 2021

How do truck drivers sleep during cross-country deliveries,? This article is meant to serve as a guide for truck drivers and operators of trucking companies, outlining how they can get better quality sleep.

how to sleep in a day cab truck

How to Sleep in a Truck

29 Mar 2021

Wondering how to sleep in a truck when you are working long hours, stuck on the road, or have a few hours to kill? Whether you are driving a truck there are affordable and comfortable sleeping options available to you.